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To tip, tilt or heel over, to slant, incline, lean sideways, careen (of a boat). Naglíkding ang kólon. The rice-kettle is not standing straight, is nearly tipping over. Indì mo paglikdingón ang kólon, kóndì tadlongón mo. Don't set up the rice-kettle aslant, but make it stand straight. Likdingí akó sang kólon, kay sukáron ko ang kán-on. Tilt the kettle a little for me, because I am going to take out the rice. (see lísding).



To tilt, cant up, tip over, lean, slant, topple. (see líkding, salidíng, saliáy, takílid). N.B. If the posts of a house give way on one side and the house in consequence tips over "lúsud" is to be used, e.g. Nalúsud ang baláy. The house tipped over.