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The first onrush of water in a flooded river, a sudden rise of water; also used as verb. Nabulúsan kamí. We were overtaken by the flood. Dalî kamó sa pagtabók, agúd índì kamó mabulúsan. Be quick in crossing the river, that the flood may not come upon you.



To spirt, jet, squirt, flow out with some force, as water from a tap, blood from an open artery, etc. Nagabusawák gid lang ang dugô. The blood is spirting out in a stream. (see butaróg, búswit, súmpit).



(B) To gush, jet, spurt, spirt, squirt, stream. Nagpámbo si Fuláno kag nagbutaróg gid lang ang dugô sa íya ilóng. N.N. bled from the nose and the blood streamed out. Nagabutaróg ang túbig sa tuburán. The water leaps from the spring in a jet. (see súmpit, busawák, busawít, búswit).



The channel of a river, that part of a river-bed which the river occupies when the water is not in flood. (dagánas, dagásan).



Drift-wood: to drift, float, carry-, bear-, afloat. Ang túbig nagadágsà sang káhoy. The water carries along the wood. Kon may bahâ madámù nga mga káhoy ang ginadágsà sang subâ sa báybay. When there is a flood, much wood drifts down the river to the beach. Iníng mga káhoy pulús gid mga dinágsà sang paglubás sang bágyo sang tinalíkdan nga búlan. All this wood was-drifted,-floated, here, when the storm passed last month. (see rórok).



(H) Form, figure, image, likeness, appearance, outline, shape, species, conformation, cut, contour, look, aspect, phase, seeming, guise, semblance. Sa dágway sang --. In the form,-figure,-etc., of --. Sa idálum sang dágway sang tinápay kag bíno nga nakonsagrahán nahámtang ang matúod nga láwas kag dugô ni Hesukrísto. Under the species,-appearances,-forms,-etc. of consecrated bread and wine there is present the true body and blood of Jesus Christ. (see báyhon).

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