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To gauge (gage) out, scoop out, tear out, pull out. Ginlúk-ad níla ang íya mga matá. They tore out or gauged his eyes. Luk-arón (-adón) mo ang lubí sa payâ kag ibulád. Scoop out the coconut-meat from the shell and spread it in the sun. Luk-arí akó siníng isá ka gatús ka bílog nga lubí kay buháton ko nga kóprak. Scoop out the meat from these hundred coconuts for me, as I am going to make copra of them.



To tear-, pull-, wrench-, drag-, out with some force. Bugnotá ang íya bohók. Pull out his hair. Bugnotí siá sing isá ka búknit nga bohók. Tear out a pinch of his hair. Ginbúgnot níla ang dílà sang báka nga iníhaw. They wrenched out the tongue of the slaughtered ox. Ibúgnot mo akó sináng haló sa búhò. Please, drag that iguana out of the hole for me. (see hábnus, húnus, gúnut, lúk-ad, lúkat, gábut, húlbot).



To scoop or tear out. See lúk-ad id. (see súbok).