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Over, above, rising above, higher than; to be higher than, rise above. Ang bahâ lapáw na sa táo. The flood is now more than man-deep. Nalapawán akó sang tubig. The water rose above me. (see labáw).



To go, pass over or above. Ang mga balúd naglápaw sa sakayán-or-linapáwan ang sakayán sang mga balúd. The waves washed over the boat-or-the boat was awash. (see lábaw).



More than man-deep, man-high, rising in height above a man standing. Lumápaw ang túbig. The water is more than man-deep. Lumápaw ang búhò sang halígi. The hole of the post, i.e. the hole in the ground in which the post is standing, is more than man-deep. (see lapáw).



To be-, go-, pass-, reach-, over, to overflow, inundate, to rise higher or above. (see lapáw).



A prefix denoting;

1) Origin or source, e.g. tagamanílà- native of Manila; tagabáybay-one who lives near the coast (beach); tagabúkid-a native or inhabitant of the mountains, a mountaineer. Tagadiín ikáw? Where do you come from? Where were you born? Where do you live? What place do you belong to?

2) Attached to words indicating parts of the body taga- denotes the height or depth as measured by that part of the body, e.g. tagatúhud-up to the knees, knee-deep; tagalápaw--more than man-deep, rising above the head of a man. Tagaháwak karón ang túbig sang subâ. The water of the river is waist-deep at present. Tagaílok ang túbig sang pagtabók námon. When we crossed the water came to our armpits.