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Freq. of súblì. To inherit, be heir to, come into, acquire by inheritance or bequest. Nagpanúblì siá sang (Ginpanúblì níya ang) mánggad sang íya tíyò. He inherited his uncle's property. Iníng malápad nga palangúmhan pagapanublión, konó, ni Pédro. They say that Peter is going to inherit this large farm.



(Sp. solar) A plot of ground, parcel of land, piece of building ground, lands or fields in general, estate. Ang solár sang baláy. The piece of land on which the house stands. Malápad ang íya nga solár. His lands are extensive. (see dútà, lúpà).



To include all, be sufficient for all, leave out none, take in all without exception, cover a whole field, fill all positions, or the like. Natoptopán silá sang (sing) tinápay. They were all without exception given bread. Kúlang karón ang mga párì nga índì silá makatóptop sang tanán nga mga parókya. There are too few priests at present so that they cannot fill all the parishes. Ang malápad níya nga palangúmhan natoptopán sang tubó. His extensive farmland is completely covered with sugar cane. Madámù na ang mga dálan nga maáyo, ápang walâ pa man gihápon sinâ matoptopí ang tanán nga mga bánwa. There are now many good roads in existence, but still not sufficient yet to reach all the municipalities. (see tápud, tipatíp, kámpod, túptup).

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