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(B) To volunteer, to do something-of one's own free will,-of one's own accord, to move, stir, work without being told or without waiting for orders. Nagarukahík siá sa pagtígang, bisán walâ pa magabút si nánay níya. She boiled rice without waiting for the arrival of her mother. Akó lang nga isá ang nagaarukahík sa baláy, kay tanán silá nagamalasakít. I alone am up and working in the house, for all the rest are ill. (see matómató).



Freely, gratuitously, voluntarily, spontaneously, without obligation, of one's own accord, of one's free choice; to do something-of one's own accord,-of one's own free will or choice without being obliged or without orders, to act generously, unselfishly, voluntarily, to choose to do, volunteer. Nagmatómató siá magbayó. He pounded rice without being obliged to do so. Ginmatómatohán (-mát-wan) níya ang pagpatíndog sang amó nga buluthúan. He built that school of his own free will. Tumalágsa kag malakâ ang mga táo nga magapangabúdlay kag magahálad sing matómató sa ikaáyo sang bánwa. Few and exceptional are the men that work and sacrifice anything gratuitously for public welfare. Indì gid akó magmatómató sinâ, kay walâ gid man akó sing kalabtánan sinâ. I shall not do it of my own accord, for I have not the least connection with (interest in) it.