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(Sp. capaz) Capable, ingenious, clever, learned, fit, suitable. (see makaákò, batíd, sagád, sámpaton, may-igkasángkol, -ikasárang, -ikatakús).



Form or shape of one's shoulder (abága) Also: to shoulder, undergo, tackle, handle, manage. Walâ siá sing igkasángkol sa pagpangabága sang amó nga palangakoán. He has not the ability to shoulder the duties of such an office. Pílit na gid nga magkangíl-ad kamí sang íya pagpangabága (sang íya mga pangabága) sang íya mga katungdánan. We are now forced to-repudiate his way of performing his duties,-be disgusted with his manner of carrying out his obligation.



To repel, reject, refuse, drive away, put off, dismiss, cast off, discard, repulse, repudiate, turn down. Sikwayá ang amó nga panghunâhúnà. Reject such thoughts. Ginsíkway níya akó. He rejected me. He refused to accept or receive me. Indì mo pagisíkway ang ákon pakilóoy sa ímo. Do not refuse to hear my petition. Ginsíkway níya si Fuláno sing may pagtámay. She rejected N.N. with contempt. Nagsíkway sa íya ang mga pumilílì, kay walâ siá sing matuódtúod nga igkasángkol sa amó nga palangakóan. The electors have turned him down, for he has no proper capacity for such an office. (see paíway, pahalín, tábug, támay).