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(H) A cover (for the head, etc.); to cover (the head with a piece of cloth, etc.). (see kúnop, takoróng, tákdong, kódong).



(H) To congregate, assemble, gather, meet, crowd together, come together in large numbers, go to-, assist at-, a meeting or wherever there is a great concourse of people. (see típon, hubónhúbon, dúguk, gúbuk, támbong, taroróng).



To be at, be present at, attend at, look on at, take part in, make one of (at). Nagtámbong siá kaína sang ága sa mísa. He was at mass this morning. Indì ka magtámbong sa mga kalingáwlingáwan nga dílì ángay. Indì mo pagtambongán ang mga kalingáwlingáwan nga dílì ángay. Don't take part in improper diversions. Nagtámbong sa ákon hunâhúnà nga--. The idea (thought) crossed my mind that--. Patambongá gid siá sa amó nga sinápul. Order him to come to that meeting without fail. Ang tanán nga mga nagpakatámbong--. All those that were actually present--. Ilisipón gid lang ang mga nagtalámbong. Only a few-were present,-attended,-took part. Indì akó makatámbong, kay--. I cannot be present, because--. Indì akó magtámbong. I won't come. I will not be one of the party. (see taroróng, tabongáw, solóng).

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