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A line, stroke, sign or mark with a pencil, pen or the like; to line, sign, mark with a stroke of the pen, brush, etc. Badlitá or badlití ang papél sang ímo plúma. Mark the paper with a stroke of your pen. Ibádlit ang lápis sa káhoy. Mark the wood with the pencil. Iníng papél nabadlitán sing tátlo ka kúris. This paper has been marked with three strokes. Dílì mo pag-ipabádlit ang papél sa mga bátà. Don't permit the children to make lines on the paper. Indì mo siá pagpabadlitón sang papél. Do not allow him to make lines on the paper. Anhon mo kon amó inâ ang bádlit sang pálad mo? What can you do, if such is the streak in your fate? Ang íya mga kílay dáw binádlit sang isá ka tigduág. Her eyebrows are (were) like the strokes of a painter's brush. (see kúris, kúrit, kurít, kúdlit, etc.).



Hard, sharp, dry clods of mud, painful to walk over with bare feet.



An insect with a painful sting. (see kamaláyo, alingáyo, mangaláyo).



A spider with a jet-black body and marked with a red spot. It has a very severe and poisonous sting that is even more painful than the sting of a scorpion.



To squeeze and twist, to compress and contort, to knead between the knuckles of the fore-and middle-finger; anything that contracts, compresses by twisting. Bantilí ang íya bútkon-or-bantilí siá sa íya bútkon. Squeeze and twist his arm. Binantilán níla ang kabáyo sa bibíg, kay pagamarkahán níla. They have twisted the horse's lip, for they are going to brand it. Ibántil iníng písì sa bibíg sang kabáyo. Use this string to twist the horse's lip with. Markahí na lang ang kabáyo, kay may bántil na ang íya bibíg. Now then mark or brand the horse, for the twisting cord is on its lip. Bantilí ang ákon likód, kay ginasíkmat akó. Knead-or-massage my back thoroughly, for I suffer from rheumatic pains there. (see láknit).

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