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(Sp. recoveco) Artifice, machination, contrivance, winding ways and means. Madámù nga mga rikobíkos ang kinahánglan karón sa pagpakasál. Many things are required now and many formalities have to be gone through to get married. (see padúgi, pahitôhítò, padihútan, pandihútan, patúga).



Sin, fault, error, evil-doing, wrong-doing, transgression, mistake, misdemeanour, misconduct, misbehaviour, fall, lapse, offence, trespass, iniquity, demerit; to err, make a mistake, commit a fault, transgress, deviate, miss. Ikáw amó ang may salâ. You are to blame. The error, mistake or fault is yours. Nagsalâ siá. He erred. Magkonpesár ka sang ímo mga salâ. Confess your sins. The phrase "salâ ko kon--" often precedes an emphatic statement implying an oath: "I swear that--". "May I be cursed if--". "May evil befall me if--". "May God punish me if--". (see pakasalâ which is mostly used in the sense of sinning, committing sin).

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