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To quiver, vibrate, flutter, flap, tremble, shake, move quickly to and fro. Nagapílik sa hángin ang mga dáhon sang burí. The leaves of the buri-palm are trembling in the wind. Ginapapílik sang hángin ang mga dáhon sang káhoy. The wind is tossing (shakes) the leaves of the tree to and fro. Kon papilíkon sing lakás sang hángin ang mga hayáhay magísì. If the wind flutters (flaps) the flags too much they tear (get torn). Ang ámon kúmbung pumílik sa hángin, nadúktan sang kandílà kag nasúnug. Our curtain swayed in the wind, came too near (against) the candle and took fire.

Dim. and Freq. of pílik. To tremble, move, shake slightly; to shake off (by a quick tremulous motion). Ginapapilíkpílik sang dupóydúpoy sang hángin ang mga pakláng sang ságing. The soft breeze is moving (swinging, swaying) the banana leaves gently to and fro. Pinilíkpilikán siá sang lunángon nga karabáw kag napilitán siá sa pagpalígos. He was bespattered with mud by a dirty buffalo and was forced to clean himself by taking a bath. (see hulághúlag).



To tremble, quiver; speak indistinctly, murmur, utter with trembling lips. Kon hubúg siá nagapírik ang íya dílà sing mga pamuyáyaw. When he is drunk he utters indistinct curses. (see pílik, píri).



(From the Sp. fleco) A fringe of hair hanging down straight over the forehead to within a short distance of the eyebrows. Pilikílyo ang íya bohók. Her hair hangs down in a fringe over her forehead.



(Sp. fleco) Fringe, purl, flounce, small tassels as often seen on napkins, towels, etc. (see pilikílyo).

See plékos, pilikílyo.