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To work hard, strive for the mastery, vie with, contend, compete, make great efforts. Pabákas kitá kon sín-o makadángat sing úna sa putókputokán sang búkid. Let us see which of us will reach the summit of the mountain first. Nagpabákas silá kon sín-o sa íla ang maúna makatápus. They tried which of them would finish first. (see bákas, paindísíndis).



Competition, contention, emulation, rivalry, trial of skill or strength, outdoing each other or intriguing against each other; to use every means to beat one's adversary or opponent, etc. (see pabákas).



To compete, contend with, vie with, strive with, exert oneself much in order to outdo another. Padág-as (magpadág-as) kitá kon sín-o ang maúna makatápus. Let us see who will finish first. (see pabákas, paindísíndis, paunáúna).