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(H) Whirligig; a game played with coins; to spin (transitive), cause to spin or revolve, set turning round an axle or pivot. Patilíka ang pínggan, kálò, kwárta, etc. Spin the plate, hat, money, etc. Make the plate, hat, money, etc. spin. (see pabúyung, patúyub, patírik).



To spin, rotate, turn, go round, as a wheel on its axle. Ang ruéda nagabúyung. The wheel is turning. Pabuyúnga ang galingán sang maís. Set the maize-mill-going,-in motion. Ipabúyung akó siníng alíling. Kindly turn this wheel for me. Ang mga bátà nagapabúyung sang íla mga kasíng. The boys are spinning their tops. (see túyub, tíyog).