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Dim. and Freq. of abáy. Also: to meddle, put one's nose in, interfere. Indì ka magabáyabáy sinâ nga mga butáng. Don't meddle in those things. Don't put your nose in such matters. (see pahilabót, pasilabút, pakít-arakáng).



To meddle, interfere, participate, take part in, put one's nose in. Indì ka maghilabút sináng mga butáng. Don't take part in such things. Don't meddle in those matters. Pahilábta siá sa siníng panublión nga dútà. Let him have a share in this hereditary land. Ang Mahál nga Bírhen walâ paghilábti sang salâ nga panublión. The Blessed Virgin had no part in original sin. (see lábut, pasilabút, pakit-arakáng).