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Dim. and Freq. of kísap. (see pamisókpisók).



Freq. of pisáwpisáw-to wink, blink, open and close the eyelids repeatedly; to nictitate or nictate (of a bird's eyes). (see pamisók, pamisókpísok).

To blink, twinkle, to open and close the eyelids quickly and repeatedly; to wink. (see pamisókpisók).



To blink, twinkle, wink; to open and shut the eyes rapidly; to nictitate. Dim. and Freq. of pisáw. (see pamilók, pamilókpilók, pamisókpisók).



A wink, twinkling, instant, moment; to blink, twinkle, close (and open) the eyes (eyelids). Isá ka pisók gid lang ang pagtúlug (pagkatulúg) ko kagáb-i. Last night I hardly slept a wink, i.e. very little. Pisoká ang ilalangúb mo. Open and close (shut) your eyes. Ipisók ang matá mo. Blink your eyes. Keep opening and closing your eyes. (see pamisók, pamisókpisók, pamilók, pamilókpilók, pamisáwpisáw).