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Purification, act of purifying; to purify, remove any pollution or defilement, be clean, keep clean, love cleanliness. Madámù ang mga buluhatón sang mga Hudíyo sa íla panínlò. The Jews had many purification rites. Magpanínlò kamó sa tanán nga mga bágay, agúd dílì kamó pagdunggoón sang balatían. Keep yourselves clean in every way so that you may not contract disease. (see tínlò).



Initiation, purification, ablution; to purify with superstitious rites, especially on Holy Friday, in the belief that such rites will make the participant healthy and strong and give him great courage. Ang mga babáylan nagahímò sing lubús sa ádlaw nga Biérnes Sánto. The medicine-men perform the rite of purification on Holy Friday. Nagapanlubús siá. He is taking part in, or being initiated into, the rite of the lubús. (see panínlò).