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To visit or go to another place in search of work, to emigrate, etc. See pangáyaw id.



A temporary resident, sojourner, migrating, migratory, wandering; to migrate, sojourn or dwell in a place temporarily or as a stranger, go to live somewhere else with the intention of coming back within a longer or shorter period to one's old place of abode. Píspis nga pangáyaw. A migratory bird. A bird of passage. Ang mga pumulúyò nga pangáyaw. Temporary residents. Visitors. Travellers. Guests. Madámù nga mga mamumugón ang nagapangáyaw sa tuígtúig sa Négros nga Nakatúndan. Many workmen go yearly to Occidental Negros for a season. Ginapangayáwan man lang siníng mga táo ang áton bánwa. These people are staying here in our town only for a time. (see pangályaw).