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Freq. of alíhid-to go along the side or edge of, pick one's way along the margin (edge, border) of.



To walk along the edge or ridge of, to go by (along) the-side,-edge,-border,-margin of, pick one's way at the side of, march parallel to, or along, the border of. (see panaláytay, pangalíhid, panalíbay, pangríbay).



Side, edge, border; to pass along the side of, to go in a parallel line along the border of, to take a side-track. Magalíhid lang kamó sa pángpang. Just pick your way along the bank. Kon madámù ang lúnang sa dálan saráng kamó makaalíhid sa isá ka bánas. If there should be much mud on the road, you can take the footpath at the side of it. Metaphorically: Nagapangalíhid siá sa mga kadalagkuán. He avoids contact with high-class folks, holds aloof from them, keeps his distance in their presence.