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Freq. of anínaw. To look into a mirror and see the reflection; to picture to oneself, practise crystal gazing, seem to foresee, have prescience-foreboding,-foreknowledge,-second sight,-forewarning. Daw ginpanganínaw ko nga dáan ang maabután siníng bátà. I seemed to know beforehand what was in store for this child.



Picture, reflection of a mirror, model, type; to look into a mirror, to keep before one's eyes, to study as a model or type to be imitated, etc. Panganínaw is mostly used for the verb. Manganínaw ka sa íya. Study and imitate him. Ikáw ang dáyon ko nga ginapanganináwan. I have your picture constantly before me. Siá gid ang ákon ginapanganináwan. He is my model. (see panganínaw, palanganináwan).