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To show signs of joy and pleasure, welcome with delight, receive with gladness; to strive to please or be of service, as an inferior or a (contrite) culprit, try to placate, as an offender the one offended. (see aráyaráy).



Dim. of ráy. Also: To receive or welcome with pleasure, to show one's pleasure by signs, to ingratiate oneself by manifestations of affection, as a cat purring on one's lap, a dog fawning on its master, children desirous of obtaining a favour from their parents, etc. Ang bátà nagapangaráy-aráy sa íya tátay. The child is welcoming its father with joy. Nagaaráy-aráy siá sa ákon, segúro, kay buót siá pahulamón sing kwárta. He is paying me great attention, for the reason, no doubt, that he wants to borrow money of me. (see pangilô-ilô).