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To make pictures, portraits, photoes, to take-photoes,-likenesses, to follow the profession of a portrait-painter or photographer; the art-, calling-, of painter, photographer, etc. (see laráwan).



Picture, portrait, likeness, representation, statue, effigy, image, icon; model, type, example; photograph, photo; to make a picture, etc. of, portray, liken to, represent. Laráwan iní ni Fuláno. This is a picture, portrait of N.N. Laráwan siá sang mga pamatán-on. He is a model youth. He is an example to other young people. Ginlaráwan níya si Fuláno. He made a picture or painting of N.N. He portrayed, represented, personated, acted the part of, played the role of, N.N. (on the stage or the like). (see panglaráwan, palanganináwan, huluáran, solóndan).