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Foresight, thought, wise forethought, prudence; to have foresight, be prudent, resourceful, to manage well, be careful or circumspect. Maáyo siá sing panigáon. He knows how to manage things well. He is a good manager. He is full of resources or tricks. He is a man of resource. He thinks of many expedients. Sa walâ sing panigáon--. Thoughtlessly--. Unexpectedly--. Without bestowing a thought on it--. Imprudently--. Sa sinâ nga butáng kinahánglan gid ang panigáon. This matter requires great prudence (careful handling). Makúsug siá, ápang nadaúg siá sa dúmug, kay índì siá makahibaló magpanigáon. In spite of his strength he was defeated in wrestling, because he is too simple, too careless or incautious. (see tigáyon, pangáman, hunâhúnà).



Freq. of áman. Preparation, caution, circumspection, foresight, forethought, prudence; to prepare, get ready, be cautious or circumspect, make previous arrangement for, be careful, etc. (see panghíkot, panghímos, panigáon).