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To do something that provokes criticism, to disgrace oneself, to commit a fault or misdemeanour others will talk about and remember for a long time. Paúlì ka na; índì mo ipapánding sa mga táo ang ímo kahulúgbon. Go home now and don't let the people see that you are drunk. Indì ka magpapánding sa mga táo. Don't give the people just cause for censure (criticism). (see pandinganán).



(B) To be compared with, likened to, made an example of, be exposed to criticism, be held up as a warning to others. Kon magságad ka panábad (sang panábad) pagapandinganán ikáw sa kay Tíban Bádù ukón sa kay Nánà Inkì. If you have the habit of going to every feast you will be likened to "Stephan, the Feaster" or to "Mama Inkì". Also used as noun: bad example, type to be avoided, model (sort) not to be imitated. (see papánding).