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(Sp.) Fix, fixed, firm, secure, stable. (see mapág-on, malíg-on, mabákud, pinát-ud, pát-ud).



Exactness, preciseness, punctuality; exact, precise, fixed, punctual, appointed (of time, prices, etc.); to do something properly, punctually, exactly, precisely, straightforwardly or to the point, without tergiversation, deviation or circumlocution. Pinát-od níya ang paglabô sang lubí. He slashed the coconut open with a well-aimed blow (hitting it in the middle). Pat-orá (-odá) ang paghámbal mo. Speak to the point. Ang íya pagabút pát-od gid. He came just in the nick of time, at the exact time, punctually, to the minute. Bilí nga pát-od. A fixed price. Táknà nga pát-od. A fixed hour. Appointed time.



(Sp. registrado) Registered, recorded, entered in a register; investigated, searched, inspected. (see pinat-inán (pát-in); pinágkit, napágkit (págkit); pinangusisáan (usísà)).