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(Perhaps from the Sp. pecho, cuerno) A toothed metal plate with holes for the fingers, worn on the hand and used for fighting. A well aimed blow from a hand armed with a "pitsokwérno" may kill a man. A sort of iron cestus. (see kaboráta-a slung shot).



To knock-, hit-, box-, with the fist, to pommel, to have a bout of fisticuffs, thump, maul, box, punch, cuff, buffet. Dumpugá siá. Box him. Dumpugí siá sa íya likód. Punch him on the back. Gindúmpug níya akó kag ákon siá ginbalúsan. He hit me and I returned the blow. Idúmpug sa íya iníng pitsokwérno. Give him a blow with this cestus. (see ómol, súmbag, pápà, papák, búngbung).



A kind of cestus, iron ring or slung shot. (see pitsokwérno).