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To prove, test, put to the test, assay, try by means of the touchstone. Ang buláwan ginasánghid sa sanghíran. Gold is tested by the touchstone. Sanghirá inâ. Put it to the test. (see tiláw).



Trial, probation, examination. (see sánghid).



Freq. of sánghid-to test, etc.



To test by, compare with, liken to; to have examined, tested. Pasanghirá ang platéro sang ímo buláwan, agúd mahibál-an mo kon matáas ukón manobô. Have your gold tested by the goldsmith that you may know whether it is of high or low value (grade). Pasanghirá siá sa (sang) imo mga buluhatón kag masáyran mo kon may ikasángkol siá ukón walâ. Test him by putting him to work at what you have in hand and you will find out whether he has any capacity for it or not. Ipasánghid mo siá sa kay Fuláno. Compare him with N.N. Have him examined by N.N.

To compare with, liken to; to compete, vie with, try to match or to outdo. Ipataíd lang iní sa--. Just compare this to--. Ang mapísan nga táo ginapataíd sa putyókan. A diligent man is likened to a bee. (see paánggid, pasánghid, pasíyaw, súkat).