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See súlput, with the difference that súlsug implies a motion backwards and forwards, and súlput just one push through.



To clean out a tube, etc. by pushing a feather, straw, piece of wood, or the like, through it. Sulputá ang lágtok sa ímo húnsoy (sa sánsoy mo). Clean the dirt out of your pipe or cigarholder. Ginasúlput níya (na) ang húnsoy, kay (sánsoy, hay) mapín-ot. He cleaned the stem of his pipe, because it did not draw well. Isúlput iníng bagát sa túbo nga salsálon, kay punô sang ságbot. (Isúlput diáng bagát sa túbo nga salsálon, hay butâ kang rámò). Push this pole through the iron tube, for it is full of rubbish. (see súlsug).