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(Sp. cencil) Chisel, burin, engraver, especially applied to a strong steel chisel without handle as used by carpenters for cutting zinc, iron, etc, a cold chisel.



Chisel; to chisel, mortise, gouge out. Tígbi ang káhoy dirí kag sakálan. Mortise the wood in this place and bracket it. Iníng dáan nga halígi índì na makasírbe, kay madámù sing tinígban. This old post won't do, because it is full of mortises (holes made by a chisel). Tígba lang ang labáw sang káhoy. Chisel off the superfluous part of the wood. Anó ang itigíb ko, kay walâ akó sing tigíb? What shall I chisel with, as I have no chisel? (see sinsíl).