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(B) Near together, close, narrow, tight; to be or become narrow, tight, close together. Nagsipót ang dálan, hay gináb-ab kang subâ ang sampihák. (Nagkitíd ang dálan, kay gináb-ab sang subâ ang isá ka pihák). The road has become narrow, for one side of it has been washed away by the river. Nasipotán akó kadyá nga látok. (Nakitirán (Nakitidán) akó siní nga látok (lamésa)). This table is not wide enough for me. (see kitíd).



(B) Narrow, of little breadth or extent, limited, circumscribed, not wide or broad. (see sipót, makitíd).



Inconvenient, impeding on account of being too tight; to be too tight, etc. Ang ákon kamisón makitíd (masipót), gánì nagasulápgot kon maglakát akó. My chemise is too narrow, consequently it hinders (inconveniences) me when I walk. (see sulagót, sulágpot).