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To hang on to-, attach to-, the belt or hip a bolo, sword, etc.; to gird on a bolo, sword, etc. Itáklus ang binángon. Gird on your bolo. Sling the bolo at your side. (see sókbit).



The ear with husks and silk of the maize or Indian corn; to form or develop the ear (of maize); to gird on, put on or attach to a belt a sword, bolo, revolver, or the like; to put a pen, pencil, or the like, behind the ear; to hang on a nail or peg. Isókbit sa ímo páha ang tagúb sang binángon. Attach the bolo-scabbard to your belt. Ginsókbit níya ang binángon. He fastened the bolo on his hip. Isókbit (sokbitá) ang lápis sa ímo dalúnggan. Put the pencil behind your ear. (see táklus-to gird on; sáb-it, sád-ang).