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To caulk (a boat, ship); to knead, mix; to besmear, plaster. Kalapatíhon mo ang lúnang kag iháplas sa kólon, agúd índì magtúlò. Knead the mud and plaster the rice-kettle with it, that it may not leak.



Loose, not firm or tight, not well joined or adapted and hence creaky, squeaky, emitting a harsh or grating sound (said of tools, knives (not well joined to the handle), of cart-wheels, etc., with loose parts); to be loose; to creak, squeak. Nagakatúlkatúl ang kaláptan sang súndang. The handle of the knife is loose, creaks (not being well joined to the handle). Indì mo pagpakatúlkatulón ang káro, kóndì pisákan mo. Don't rattle the cart, but steady it by means of wedges. (see lágtok, palágtok-to creak, crack (of bones, fingers, etc).



To swallow, put into the mouth and gulp down with little or no chewing. Lunluná lang ang sotánghon. Put the sotánghon into your mouth and gulp it down. (see halúnhun, lumóy, lámon, lamóy, tulón).



Knife, kitchen-knife, a small stiff knife, dagger, sword, table-knife. (see tulóslok-fork; irós-spoon; garanás, urutóp, lansítas, kotsílyo, binángon, íwa, etc.).



To dole out sparingly, distribute or deal out scantily or grudgingly, drop by drop. (see tulôtulô).

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