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Remonstration, expostulation, lecture; to give a lecture, to remonstrate, expostulate with, find fault with, criticise one's past, complain of ingratitude, reproach, rebuke, throw in one's teeth. Daláyon gid lang ang íla tumbóyay. They are constantly finding fault with each other. Indì mo pagitúmboy sa íya ang sinádto. Don't reproach him with what is past. Don't harp on his past. (see bóyboy, pamóyboy).



To complain of ingratitude or the bad return made for benefits, to remind one of all the good done to one and the bad recompense received, to expostulate or remonstrate with. Ang bátà ginbóyboy sang íya ilóy. The child was taken to task by its mother for its ingratitude. Boyboyá siá. Expostulate with him. Reprove him for his ingratitude or remonstrate with him about the wrongness of his conduct. (see túmboy).