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(From the Sp. tasar) Taxed, prescribed, restricted, limited, regulated. Tasádo ang panggásto sinâ nga mga kabatáan. Only a limited (restricted) amount of money is available for (the upkeep of) those children. But it may also mean: Those children-can-,-are allowed to-, spend very little (for personal, casual, private needs). (see tasá, látid, pát-od).



(Sp. tipo) Type; use, custom, fixed price, usual charge or contribution; to fix or charge a price, etc. Sa típo nga bilí. At the usual-, customary-, fixed-, price. Salapî ang típo nga ámot sang tágsa ka katápù. Fifty centavos is the customary contribution of each member. Tipóhi ang bilí sang ímo báka. Fix (Name) a price for your cow. Tipóhi akó sang bilí sang ímo báka. Let me know-what you charge for your cow,-what price you will sell your cow at. May típo ang íla gásto sa adláwádlaw. Their daily expenses are-fixed,-restricted,-limited to a certain amount. (see látid, pát-od, tasádo).