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Infested with tamások-worms; maggoty, rotten, worm-eaten. (see torakón).



The caterpillar of a moth. It is very injurious to plants, often causing great havoc in rice fields. Also used as a verb. Humáy nga tinamások. Rice attacked by-, infested with-, tamások.



(B) Worm-eaten, maggoty, rotten. Torakón nga mángga. (Tamasókon (Masakitón) nga páhò). A maggoty mango. Báklon ko ráad diáng mga mángga mo, pay búl-on gid ánay ang mga kímay, hanóg kag torakón. (Báklon ko kúntà iníng mga páhò mo, ápang kuháon gid ánay ang mga magágmay, lanóg kag tamasókon). I should like to buy these mangoes of yours, but all those that are very small, bruised or worm-eaten (rotten) must be removed first. (see tinamások, hanóg, lanóg-bruised; lanóng, tanóng-rotten-ripe).