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Dazedness, bewilderment, state of one who is greatly agitated or who has a wild look (appearance); to be wild, scared or frightened on awakening from a profound sleep and not having had time enough to collect one's wits. Natipungáwan siá, kay ginpúkaw sa hinálì ni Fuláno. He was frightened out of his wits when he was suddenly awakened by N.N. (see tapúngaw).



State of one dazed, crazy, cracked, mad, stunned, stupefied, frightened out of one's wits, particularly said of persons who on awakening suddenly from sleep cannot find their bearings or collect their wits for some time; to daze, stun, stupefy, etc. Natapungáwan siá. He was off his head when he awoke. Nagakatulúg siá; índì mo siá pagtandugón, kay básì matapungáwan siá. He is sleeping; don't touch him, for he may demean himself like a madman on starting up. Nagbalíbad siá sa pagsilíng nga natapungáwan siá. He excused himself by saying that he was quite stupefied (at the time). (see tipúngaw id. and more commonly used).