Meaning of abláy



(B) Shawl, covering for the shoulders and back; to use or wear a shawl. Tan-awá yanáng babáye nga nagaabláy. Look at that woman wearing a shawl. Pagaablayón ko gid iníng bunáng. I will certainly work this yarn up into a shawl. Iabláy lang iníng hábul, kay mátugnaw. Just use this blanket as a shawl, for it is cold. Ablayí ang bátà, agúd indì mapás-* mo sa matúgnaw nga hángin. Put a shawl around the child, lest it should catch a cold in the chilly air. Paablayí silá. Provide them with shawls. Put some shawls at their disposal, (see abrígo, kúnop).



To lean-, put one's arm or hand-, on another's shoulder. (see ágbay).