Meaning of agúd



That, in order that, so that; agúd índì or agúd dílì-lest, in order that not. Magtoón kamó, agúd magálam. Study, that you may become learned. Basáha ang tulún-an sing matalupángdon, agúd ímo masáyran ang ginabása mo. Read the book with attention, in order that you may understand what you read. Kápti ang alobáybay, agúd índì ka mahúlog. Keep hold of the handrail, lest you should fall down. Amligí ang pagdalá mo siníng báso, agúd dílì mabúong. Carry this glass with care, in order that it may not break. N.B. The particle "nga" is frequently added to agúd (agúd nga, agúd nga dílì, etc.), but it may be left out without change of meaning.



Use, usefulness, utility, advantage. Walâ gid siá sing águd. He is quite useless. Ang ákon plúma walâ na sing águd. My pen is of no use any more. (see pulús).