Meaning of alók-álok



To run after each other, one trying to catch, the other to escape, (as is often done by children at play). Nagaalók-álok silá. They are chasing, running after, each other. (see lagás, lagsanáy).



Desultory, rambling, passing from one thing or work to another and not completing any; to work by fits and starts, to do something in a desultory manner. Alók-alók nga pangóbra inâ. That is a poor, jerky way of working. Abáw, natápus na galî ang baláy nga ginalók-alók níla sa sulúd siníng limá ka túig. Why! They have actually finished the house at which they have been busy by fits and starts these last five years. Indì mo pagpaalók-alokón ang mga táo sa íla trabáho. Don't allow the men to slacken at their work. (see aláng-álang).