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To run after each other, one trying to catch, the other to escape, (as is often done by children at play). Nagaalók-álok silá. They are chasing, running after, each other. (see lagás, lagsanáy).

lágsan, lagsanáy


etc. From lagás-to run after, pursue.



A prefix denoting the past tense active (nag-), but only used when the agents are many, e.g. nanagtinubiganáy, nanaghinúgyaw, nanagpinanagoáy, nanaglagsanáy, nanagdinayándáyan, nanaghinutikáy silá, etc. They played the "water-game", they frolicked or made merry, they played hide and seek, they ran races together, they roamed about, they whispered to each other, etc. (túbig, húgyaw, tágò, lagás, dayándáyan, hutík, etc.). (see nag-).