Meaning of apâ



Mute, dumb; silent, mum, speechless; to be or become dumb. Nagapâ siá sa hinálî. He was suddenly struck dumb. Ang mga apâ nagainapâ. The dumb (deaf and dumb) talk by signs and gestures. Gininapaán akó níya. He talked to me as one deaf and dumb, (by signs and gestures). Nagainapâ gid lang si Fuláno dirâ sa higád. N.N. just keeps silent there in the corner. Naginapâ siá. He talked by signs and gestures. He said nothing. Makahibaló ikáw mag-inapâ? Do you know how to talk like the deaf and dumb? Can you converse by signs and gestures? (see ágbà).