Meaning of ápgot



To be difficult of passage, as wheels over deep loose sand or through mud, walking through sticky mire, unripe, astringent or acrid fruit through the throat, and the like. Nagápgot ang dálan. The road has become quite sticky. Ang káro maápgot nga butóngon sang karabáw kay nalubúng sa lúnang. It is difficult for the buffalo to pull the cart for it has stuck in the mud. Naapgotán balá ikáw sináng búnga?-Walâ akó maapgotí, kóndì natanlasán gid akó. Did you experience some roughness in the throat from eating that fruit?-No I did'nt experience any roughness, on the contrary I could swallow it quite easily. (see sápnot, ápgas).