Meaning of asúkar



(Sp. azucar) Sugar; to make sugar including all the operations in the final stage of the process of sugar-milling, transferring the pulút (the sugar-cane-juice that has become thick and sticky through evaporation) from the cauldron to a flat-bottomed trough and stirring it there with special shovels, till ready for drying and packing. Asukára na lang ang pulút. Turn the pulút into sugar. Asukári akó sing isá ka káwà nga pulút sa madalì, kay may kinahánglan akó sinâ. Turn me a cauldronful of pulút into sugar at once, for I need it. Iasúkar akó ánay siníng pulút. Please turn this pulút into sugar for me. (see arníbal, kalámay).