Meaning of bítin



To draw-, pull-, lift-, haul-, up, hoist, to snatch with a swift motion. Bitína ang bátà. Lift up the child. Ang bátà nga putót ginabítin sa ság-ang. A stunted child is lifted by its chin. (A superstitious belief has it, that in this way the child is made to grow well). Bitíni akó sing isá ka bayóng. Draw up for me one bamboo container of water. Ibítin akó ánay siníng baúl. Kindly lift or haul up this box for me. Ginbítin níya ang sotána níya sang pagtabók níya sa subâ. When he crossed the river he raised his cassock. (see bátak, álsa, hákwat, baláking, N.B. "hákwat" is used more for lifting heavy loads, "bítin" for light articles).



A kind of large snake, living mostly in trees. It swoops down and hauls up its victim; hence the name. (bítin).