Meaning of bókon



To fill a narrow space, be enclosed or shut up within narrow limits, hang or hover about. Nagabókon ang asó sa sulúd sang kosína. The smoke fills the whole kitchen. Nagbókon ang kaugút níya sa sulúd sang íya dúghan. Anger filled his breast-or-his rage was smothered in his breast (without exploding). Indì mo pagpabokónan sing asó ang kwárto. Don't allow the room to be filled with smoke. Pinabokónan sang kaláyo ang baláy sing asó. The fire filled the house with smoke.



(B) No, not, not that, not so, it is another, it is otherwise. Bokón ti imáw riá. No it is not so. No, not that one. (see dílì, amó, inâ).