Meaning of búgno



To speak to, be on speaking terms with, converse with, have social relations with, make friends with, make it up. Walâ na gid silá magbugnohánay siníng duhá ka simána nga naglilígad. They have not spoken to each other for the last two weeks. Magbúgno ka sa íya or bugnohá siá. Speak to him. Converse with him. Humalín sang pagsúay níla sádtong isá ka ádlaw walâ gid silá magbugnohánay. Since their quarrel the other day they have not spoken to each other. Walâ na silá pagbugnohánay. They are not on speaking terms any more. (see támyaw, pakigpulóngpúlong, hámbal, abíábi).