Meaning of dóhol



To pass, reach, tender, offer, hand, give into another's hand (from some considerable distance or whenever the receiver has a difficulty to reach, or cannot reach, what he needs, himself). Idóhol sa ákon ang súndang. Pass me the knife. Kon dídto ka na gánì sa sangá sang kamúnsil idóhol ko sa ímo ang singít. When you are there on the branch of the camunsel-tree I will hand you the pole and hook. Dohóli akó sing pínggan, biníklan, etc. Hand me a plate, a piece of split bamboo, etc. Ginadohólan níya ang pánday nga árà dirâ sa hágdan sang martílyo. He is handing up the hammer to the carpenter there on the ladder. Dawáta ang tulún-an nga ginadóhol sa ímo. Take the book that is held out to you. Pumalapít ka sing diótay, agúd makadóhol akó sa ímo sang lánsang. Come a little nearer that I may be able to hand you the nail. (see túnghol, hátag, entregár).



To stick in the gullet, obstruct the passage in the throat; an obstruction or something sticking in the oesophagus. May dohól siá or ginadólhan siá. He has something sticking in his throat. Nadólhan siá sang (sing) bokóg. A large fish-bone stuck in his gullet. Ginadohól ang íya ginháwa. His breathing is impeded or obstructed. He breathes with great difficulty. (see dolón, dulún).