Meaning of dúm-ok



A small heap of stone put in a river in order to catch shrimps, lobsters, crabs and the like; to form a heap, lie about in a heap or in disorder. Magdúm-ok ka sa subâ, kay áton pagabungkagón sa búlan sa Enéro, kon may sulúd na. Build some stone traps in the river, for we will take them down in January, and see if they have anything in. Gindúm-ok níla ang mahígkò nga mga panápton sa higád. They piled up the soiled clothes in the corner. Nagadúm-ok gid lang dirí ang íya kasangkápan. His tools are here lying about in heaps-or-in utter disorder. Dum-okí ang kátre sang mga ulúnan. Put the pillows in a heap on the bed. Iníng subâ madámù sing dúm-ok. This river has many stone traps in it. (see hál-id).