Meaning of gího



Movement, motion, stir, sign of life; to move, stir, budge, shake to and fro, writhe, wriggle, twitch, squirm, give signs of life. Walâ na siá sing gího. He does not stir any longer, he is quiet now. Walâ na siá sing gího nga makádto sa bánwa sa buás. He does not show any sign that he will go to town to-morrow, he has apparently no intention of going to town to-morrow. Indì na siá makagího, kay tigúlang man siá kaáyo. He cannot move (stir) now, because he is very old. Gihóa (gihóha) ang íya bútkon agúd magbúgtaw. Shake his arm to rouse him from sleep. Igího ang láwas mo. Shake yourself. (see húlag, húblag).