Meaning of hágap



To look for, forage, go in search (of eatables, etc.). Nagahágap siá sang íya pagkáon. He is looking for something to eat. Hagápi akó sang ákon panyagáhon. Get me some dinner. Look out for some dinner for me. Ihágap akó ánay sing ísdà, kay igasúd-an ko. Please look for some fish for me; I want to eat it as a side dish. Ginahágap ko ang ákon ginháwa. I am trying to get back my breath (after a swoon or fainting fit, etc). Ginahágap ko lang ang pagtahî, kay walâ akó sing anteóhos. I am sewing by touch, because I have no spectacles. (see lághap, sághap, ságap).