Meaning of húgum



To steep in, pervade, diffuse, saturate with (odours, etc.). Ang kahumút sang habón naghúgum sa mga panápton nga sa sulúd sang baúl. The scent of the soap suffused the clothes in the trunk. Nahugúman ang íya ulús sang bahô sang binódo. Her clothes are saturated with the smell of salt fish. Ihúgum (ipahúgum) iníng pahumút sa ákon mga panápton. Scent my clothes with this perfume. Nahúgum gid siá sang amó nga pagtoloóhan. He is steeped in that creed-or: He is a votary of that creed. (see lúgum, húpug).



Steeped in, dyed, pervaded, suffused with, saturated with. (see hupúg).